Irish Manufacturing Research

Irish Manufacturing Research


About Irish Manufacturing Research

Our mission & goals

  • Addressing cross-sector manufacturing challenges
  • Productivity and Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions
  • Industrial Networks (ICMR & i2e2) enabling peer-2-peer knowledge sharing & informing Industry focused research
  • Independent & embedded research
  • Enable Ireland as a global leader in advanced manufacturing

Our industrial networks

Our two Industrial networks, ICMR and i2e2, have demonstrated productivity improvements and efficiency saving opportunities, in excess of €20M for member and partner companies through embedded pilots. We have achieved this through delivery of enterprise-ready solutions in areas such as schedule optimisation, operations simulation, knowledge management, HVAC commissioning and energy-efficiency. We are open to all levels of collaboration with manufacturing companies (SME & large/MNC) and partner research institutes.

How we engage with companies

  • One on one & thematic workshops
  • Willing to meet companies and map factories to understand best value add
  • Use usual mechanisms of Innovation Vouchers & Partnerships, Contract Research, Core funded Collaborative research (especially with cross-sector of companies in ICMR & i2e2)
  • Not wanting to re-invent wheel; if companies have a solution that matches company needs, we can use underlying network organisations to assist dissemination

Facts about manufacturing in Ireland today

If ever there was a question about why RnD should be invested in Manufacturing here are some economic reasons.

  • 4,000 manufacturing enterprises in Ireland. Irish Manufacturing Research’s door is open to all manufacturers.
  • 159,000 people employed, often in high end technical roles
  • 24% contribution to total economic output
  • 2nd largest employer in Ireland
  • Indigenous sectors account for 60% of Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing firms invest over €3.4B in the Irish Economy
  • Manufacturing pays €6.5B in wages and €7.8B in labour costs
  • 71% of all manufacturers export
  • 82% of Manufacturing employment is based in the regions – IMR has already just set up an Additive Research Lab in Mullingar.

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