Largest Career Expo in the Midlands

Following the remarkable success of the previous events, numerous companies and job-seekers have eagerly anticipated the upcoming date!

Saturday, 14th September 2024

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2023 exhibitors:

In the meantime, have a look at the fantastic line up of speakers we had at last year’s event

Our wonderful speakers from 2023

Dr. Norah Patten photo

Dr. Norah Patten

Aeronautical Engineer, Citizen Scientist-Astronaut Candidate, Changemaker

Fiona O'Neill

Care Free Me -

Niall Breslin

Academic, author and public speaker

Why Exhibit?

Showcase your Company

The pre-event promotions and marketing campaigns will ensure that the expo attracts a specific audience relevant to your industry and job requirements. You will have the chance to showcase your company and significantly increase your brand visibility among a targeted audience of job seekers, students, and professionals.

Meet Jobseekers Directly

Meet thousands of job seekers, students, and professionals who are actively seeking employment or career advancement opportunities, increasing your chances of finding the right candidates.

Recruit Efficiency

By participating in the career expo, you can efficiently screen and engage with a large number of potential candidates in a short period, saving you valuable time and resources. The expo attracts a diverse pool of top talent from various disciplines, providing your company with the opportunity to connect with skilled individuals.

Meet Skilled Candidates

Universities and colleges often encourage their graduating students to attend career expos, making it an ideal platform for recruiting fresh talent.

Advertise your Jobs in advance

By collaborating with, our partnership enables seamless communication between employers and candidates prior to the event. As a bonus, candidates and employers can avail of this service at no cost. When you reserve a stand, you unlock the opportunity to post job listings.

Actively Hire

Take advantage of the career expo to actively hire candidates on the spot. Conduct face-to-face interviews with potential candidates on the day, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of their skills and qualifications.

Career Advice

Career Seminars

Career Seminars announced soon